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Sunday, June 6, 2010


In the spring I purchased 2 identical flower baskets from the same nursery. Both subjects were identical. At home, I planted one in a large planter with lots of healthy soil. The other I kept in its original container which was much smaller than the container holding the transplanted one. Both were located in a similar location, receiving the same amount of sunlight. They were both watered equally with the same quantity and quality of water. The only variable were the soil and container.
In the beginning, the one kept in the original container was doing very well. It looked healthy and thriving. The one transplanted, struggled and looked out of place in its large container.
By the end of the summer, the one that had been transplanted flourished and grew into a very large, beautiful and healthy looking plant. It had more than doubled in size. The other one that had stayed in the same container stayed small and even struggled to survive. It was always looking thirsty and wanting more.

How does this translate into life/ training?
It is difficult to “transplant” ourselves into circumstances out of our comfort zone. We feel out of place, we may struggle to maintain our identity. But in the long run we need room to grow and healthy “soil” to nourish our roots. What is the healthy soil?
• Good teachers (the one who had the foresight to transplant)
• Good living habits (the healthy soil)
• Good training habits (water, sunshine)
• Positive outlook, healthy emotional lifestyle
• Good support from family, friends, training partners

You need to have faith that pass the scary stage of being “transplanted” is a better you. If you stay comfortable, making excuses to not make the changes in your life that will allow you to become a stronger, better person, you will end up shriveling up and being curse with always wanting more and never being satisfied with who you are. Take a good look at your container. Is it the best you can do? Easy?? Heck no. Worth it?? Hell yeah

Give yourself a chance to grow.

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