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Saturday, July 30, 2016



2015…..  The year of persecution. Well let’s just say the year when a LOT of people felt persecuted. I am sayin “felt” because most of it was perceived persecution (say that 5  times fast).
People wanted “safe zone”, wanted everyone to be politically correct,  wanted everyone to be nice to everyone, wanted to feel free of type-casting, racism, misogyny, bigotry. They wanted peace on earth. Unfortunately most of them try to achieve this goal, using the same type-casting,  racism, misogyny, bigotry. They did it by being mean, name calling, and finger pointing. We became a society of weenie head, soft and spineless individuals. Things were carried way too far.

2016…. The year of being offensive.  As the pendulum always swings both ways, things were bound to reach the opposite extreme. People started becoming offensive on purpose. Saying and doing hurtful things, and ridiculing the people they so offended. Let’s face it, we ALL have buttons to push, we ALL have things we find offensive, we ALL have lines we will not cross. Being purposely mean to a person or a group will not endear you to them , or change their mind and ideals. The very things you are accusing others of doing, you are doing yourself, being blind to your own actions and choices

So we have identify a problem. Talking about  problem without offering a solution is just whining. I don’t like whiners So here is the solution I came up with.
We are all very tribal. We stand together in groups, family, packs. We stand together, defend each other and support each other. Even if we don’t like a certain individual in the group, we will still defend and protect them. Why? Because we are rallying around a common core, because there is power in numbers. Something we can hold on to when things fall apart, something that makes us strong as a group. And who do we pick on?? From kindergarten to politics, we pick on those outside of our ‘tribe”, those who are different in our eyes.
I have news for you, like it or not you have something in common with  EVERYONE on earth. Might be just one thing, might be a lot of things, might be something trivial, might be something earth shattering.
I challenge you for the next 21 days (it takes 21 days to form a habit), to find something you have in common with EVERYONE you will  interact with during that time period. I guarantee that at times it will be very difficult,  the only thing you might have in common with someone is that you both brush your teeth. But when you find things in common, you will see things with new eyes, you will form new bonds, new tribes. It is difficult to hate someone you have things in common with. Will this bring peace on earth? No. But will it might your life better? Yes. Living with hatred in your heart is poisonous and toxic. There so many things that can occupy your brain and your life beside hatred. Choose  those things. Choose to see the good in people and in things, instead of nitpicking and fault finding.
I did not say trust everyone as this choice is not only stupid but could prove life threatening. But you can still choose to see the beauty in the world. One person CAN make a difference One person can make the world a better place
BE that person !!!!