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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Elevator Rapist

Nice to see a young girl fight back and not get raped!!!

A few things would have made this situation better. I know it's always easy to sit back in our chair, eat popcorn and pick things apart to see how much better it could have been. But let's use it as a learning tool. If you pre-think those situations it makes it so much easier to react in the best possible manner. So let's do our pre-thinking!

1. She did very well in looking back to see who was behind her. If she felt as uncomfortable as she looked (she should have had her spine tingling), turning around and making solid eye contact to let him know you are onto him and his motives. Perhaps say something like "Stay the heck away from me" and mean it!

2. She fought valiantly. The attacker was pretty much of a wimp. If it would have been a larger, more motivated attacker he probably would have been able to take her down and knock her out when she was standing over him. If your safety is on the line and you need to fight, don't slap him around... fight like you mean it. Put all your body weight into it, use your legs and feet to kick.

3. NEVER run after an attacker. Call the police and let them deal with him. Be a good witness. Give accurate description of his looks, clothing, scars, tattoos, accent. Look to see which direction he went, if he is driving a car, which kind.
If you follow him you can get yourself into some BIG troubles. First of all you don't know if he has accomplices, if he will get his second wind and get really mad and decide to punish you.
Remember: self defense is not about revenge or punishment. It's about keeping you safe. The minute you are able to run toward safety... DO IT!!!!

Be smart, stay safe!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Don't ignore the obvious!!!

Denying what is going on is NOT going to make it go away. Stay alert.
Be smart, stay safe!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Proper articulation is very important

This is why learning to properly articulate what happened is so important. You need to remember the pre-requisite for being able to call this "self defense":
1. intent
2. means
3. opportunity
4. preclusion
The articulation is just as important as the self defense itself. Surviving an attack is traumatizing enough. You don't need to go to jail for it