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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I get knocked down but I get up again (catchy.. should be a song :-) )

So you got knocked down…. physically or emotionally. There are only 2 courses of action to take at this point.
1. You can go home crying feeling sorry for yourself
2. You can get mad, get back up on your feet and fight back

You can sit there for a few minutes and do feel bad (#1), it’s OK, that’s human nature. But give yourself a time frame to get over it if you need to experience that feeling. The quicker you get back on your feet, the sooner you can prevent getting knocked down again. Much easier to fight on your feet than from the ground

Here are the steps to get back up:
1. Take responsibility for what happened: if you had absolutely NO control over what happens to you, it will rob you of the power to be able to change any of it. While I am not suggesting it was all your fault, you need to acknowledge some form of responsibility for it, not to excuse your attacker, he did what he did out of his own free will, but to give you power over your own life, your own choices.
2. Righteous indignation: “how dare them doing this to me”. Number 1 and 2 might seem at opposite end here but they are not. There is a huge difference between “blame” and “responsibility”. Taking all the blame for something will make you a helpless victim. It will take away any self confidence you may have which in turn will bring about lack of #3
3. Forgive yourself: this is actually the hardest step of them all but it is also the most necessary. Something bad happened to you, take step 1 and 2 then analyze why it happened. Decide what steps you need to take to avoid that situation in the future. By learning from this experience you have now grown into a better person instead of a bitter person. Unforgiveness is the number one health hinderer (mental and physical)
4. Fight back: now you are ready to fight back. Give it all you have and remember…

NEVER give up and never settle into being a victim


  1. Great post Lise!

    I'm currently dealing with #2 right now. I've recently returned to training after a multi-year layoff with most of the people I used to train having surpassed me in skill and fitness level. Sometimes, I'm like "What the? I TAUGHT that to you. How did you nail me with it??" My self-confidence -and ego- take a massive hit. I just get back up again for the most part and try again... but I will admit to letting that bruise to my ego hurt more than it should...

    Again, good, good stuff.


  2. Good morning Stefan
    Thanks for the comment

    What do you train in?

    The best way to learn and get better is to surround yourself with people that are better than you. You have to perfect your techniques if your opponents have found counters to them or are better at them than you are.

    Ego bruise easily but the fact that you have recognized it means you have already gotten over it.
    Kudos to you. Its hard to get back in the saddle. All too easy to find excuses to not start your training. Keep it up