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Monday, June 7, 2010


You have to possess a clear definition of your boundaries before you can protect them. You have to know where that line is that no one can cross. What does it take for you to stop someone from going too far, from becoming abusive or violent… remember abuse is not just a physical trait, it can be verbal or emotional as well. If you don’t know where that line is, it will come through your demeanor, your voice, your action, your posture. It will send the clear message that “it’s Ok, I won’t take any action, and I won’t defend myself or speak up.”

Compare this to drinking a glass of water. You get thirsty; you grab a clean glass and pour some water then proceed to drink it. If the water spills on the counter, will you lap it off or pour more in your glass instead? If the glass breaks, will you drink the water through the broken shards of glass? If someone pours dirt in your water, will you drink it anyway as to not hurt his feelings? Why not? Because you possess a very clear definition on how you want to drink your water, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. You would never let someone force you to drink through the broken shards or to swallow the dirty water. Then why would you let someone force you into a relationship you don’t want? Why let someone force you to live through the broken shards of their lives? And yet a lot of women let other decide what the boundaries of their lives should be when this is so much more important a decision than just drinking water.
Decide today what your boundaries are and stick to them . You are worth it

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