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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eden: a sex slave’s story

Eden: a sex slave’s story

This is horrible and yes, it still exists nowadays, as much as we'd like to pretend it does not. But let's not waste all of the braveness this poor woman had to show and her willingness to share her experiences, and let's learn form this whole situation.

See how predators work. They hunt. Just like a hunter will seek it's prey, he chose them based on certain guidelines: the women's willingness to do anything for someone they don't even know, their unwillingness to fight back, their complete dismissal or unawareness of being "hunted". He was charming until it became time to blitz them and overpower them. Remember ladies, charming is a not a quality but an action. People are charming to obtain something they want. Always be worried of a stranger's willingness to charm you beyond what is "acceptable", beyond your rejection.

And if you ever find yourself stuck in a situation like this, you DO NOT have to obey him !!!...... "you’re going to do as I say’" should not be something that makes you wonder what YOU did wrong, but it should be a button that turns you into a mama bear. Fight fight fight and never give up!!!!!!!

Please share the basic info with your daughters. Do not let them become the next victim!!!!!

If you want more knowledge on the subject, we have an amazing class every Tuesday night that will teach you everything you need to know about violence :how to recognize it, how to avoid it, how to survive it, how to prevail!!!!

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