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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Attracting Assault - Victims Nonverbal Cues -

Here is an excerpt of this great study posted below... worth the read if you want to take yourself out of the victim profile list as much as possible:

“The prime difference between perceived victim and non-victim groups, therefore, seems to revolve around a “wholeness” or consistency of movement. Non-victims have an organized quality about their body movements, and they function comfortably within the context of their own bodies. In contrast, the gestural movement of victims seems to communicate inconsistency and dissonance. Condon and Ogden have called this phenomenon “interactional synchrony.”

Persons who communicate with each other tend to “move to a similar beat,” while a lack of synchrony is found, for example, in autistic children. The perceived victims are non-synchronous or anti synchronous within themselves. Instead of body parts working to complement each other, as in a contralateral walk, the potential victim’s body parts seem to move against each other, as in the non-fluidity of a unilateral body movement or the lifting rather than graceful swinging of the feet.

Further support for this idea comes from the respondents themselves, who indicated during these conversations that “any dude who looked different” would probably
be a target of assault. Further questioning revealed “looking different” meant a different physical appearance in clothing and accessories. In other words, beyond the unconscious awareness of behavioral differences, differences in modes of dress and display were consciously recognized as a sign of vulnerability

A non-verbal dialogue seems to exist between criminal and victim through which the victim communicates his or her vulnerability to the criminal in much the same way that releaser mechanisms operate in the animal world.”

Attracting Assault - Victims Nonverbal Cues - Grayson Stein