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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reality based self defense

DO NOT miss this class!! It is for everyone regardless of age, gender, sill level. It will work for YOUR specific needs. You will learn amazing things

Reality Based self defense

Monday, September 24, 2012

Clinic short re-cap

This is a bit late but I have been very busy. So here it goes.
I can’t describe all the things I saw or learned during the past clinic. Can’t give away all their trade secrets now can I? You will just have to get off your butts and attend their workshops.

But I can say that to see people, from a total novice to a more advanced martial artists (all sort of different arts were represented), learn “techniques” this quickly only helps adding a feather in those instructor’s caps.
Their teachings are principle based. When you understand a principle you can apply it to any situation. For example, we learned a few carotid restraints (chokes) and while randori-ing with a partner, I found myself with my left arm in a perfect position to reproduce one of those chokes, but my right arm was tied up, dang. But lookee loookee here…. my knee happens to be in the right location. So I used it instead and it worked beautifully. The principle of the choke stayed the same, I just used different tools. I did not have to have my foot at 32 degree north while my arm was at a 45 degree west and the moon was in the second cusp. I just used the principle of how the choke works under the circumstances that presented themselves.
And this is just one example on how amazing principles can be.

More than anything those 3 teach you to see gifts, to see or create opportunities in the opponent’s defense.

Another favorite thing was discussing articulation and legalities. I heard too many people talk about how thinking on the legalities will make you freeze in a self-defense situation. I have to say I call BS on this!!  It’s actually the opposite. Knowing when and why you are using SD makes a huge positive difference. You know that feeling you get that something is not right? Or the fact that you just know in your guts someone is about to attack you? You need to learn to be able to describe and explain those gut feelings. There is freedom and power in knowledge. Take one of their classes on “articulating”…. Very, very powerful!!

And the drills,  the wonderful drills… how I love thee. Best way to put in practice newly acquired skills. Especially having all sort of body types, skill level, gender and age, to play with.

Even if I described in details what I have experience during that week, it would only be a pale imitation. You need to experience those clinics to be able to truly absorb them.
Do yourself a favor and join in next time.
Minnesota is the only place those 3 amazing individuals come together under one roof to share their knowledge and experience.

Be smart, stay safe

Sunday, September 16, 2012

An amazing week!!!

Training all week with Marc MacYoung, Rory Miller and Kasey Keckeisen.  What an awesome week!!!
Those are truly the 3 best instructors you can learn form. They are knowledgeable, intelligent, talented and very willing to help others become proficient in things that will not get you killed.
If you ever get the opportunity, don't walk.. run!!!

My head is still in a whirlwind of things learned, things ingrained, things re-affirmed. It might take me a few days to get all my thoughts on paper.
I renewed bonds with old friends, making them even stronger; made new friendships... this truly was a great week.
The play time was amazing. I am a bit stiff and sore but the good kind of stiff and sore. The kind that brings a cringe to your eyes and a smile to your face at the same time. "Yeah, I remember that thigh punch... all one hundred of them"... Either I am a bit slow in my old age or I am playing with really talented people. I'll go with a combination of both. The best way to learn is to play with someone better than you.

I am very grateful to have those 3 instructors in my life. They are all different and amazing. My life is definitely richer from spending time with them

Thank you

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learn to be a "HARDER TARGET" -

I do not necessarily endorse their training methods in the end but the study itself is awesome. It's a great visual of what you may look like to a predator. Seeing yourself through the eyes of a predator is an extremely powerful wake up call.