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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Man KO an Elderly Woman for Getting Too Close t...

So much going one here.

First: don't be rude, respect other people's personal space. Show others the common courtesy you want to be shown. In other words, don't be an asshole

Second: NEVER think that no one will hurt you because you are old, small, young, female, handicap, or in anyway a typical person no one SHOULD pick on. Some people just don't care

Third: Assume the best but ALWAYS be prepared for the worse

Fourth: first use your words if you get in an uncomfortable situation. This was NOT self defense. There was plenty of room and time for preclusion. This was an assault

Fifth: don't be an asshole, it's worth repeating

We have all been in both these situations. We are in a hurry, and it seems to take forever. Crowding someone because you feel entitled does nothing but irritate people. There is nothing that young man could do to speed up the process.

We have all been in a situation where we were crowded, shown a lack of respect, or any other perceived wrong. USE YOUR WORDS!!!! One could also resort to chemical warfare (insert disgusting smell), or fake coughing (spreading the plague) if one does not feel comfortable confronting a rude person, for whatever reason (respecting your elders being one).

Pretty much everyone has fantasied about punching someone rude or mean. If you can't control yourself, you can't control others!!! You can't physically hurt someone in response to havng your feelings hurt.

He may have actually killed that woman. She is old, much more fragile and susceptible to injuries.  Was it worth for him to spend the rest of his days in jail? Not counting having to emotionally live with it? Unless he is a die hard narcissist, or psychopath, in which case he does not care (re-read the second point)

Be smart, stay safe!

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  1. You are 100 percent correct in this post. Any guy who would haul off and punch someone, anyone, for getting too close is an animal and unreachable.

    That leaves it up to the rest of us to deal with the animals among us.

    So here is the problem. Women today are just as unlikely to listen to your advice as the sociopath in the video.

    That is the real problem. The level of personal entitlement and feelings of superiority among the female population is at an all time high.

    They like talking tough and acting tough like men, but seem to have no clue that all men learn early that if you talk tough, you have to back it up, and otherwise you need to keep your mouth shut.

    Until recently, women have gotten away with shooting their mouths off indiscriminately because of the the assumption (correct) that men have a natural aversion to hitting women.

    Unfortunately, women have become bolder and more confrontational in the recent years, for reasons of politics, personality, or even just because it makes them feel empowered. And the more they get away with it, the stronger they feel, because they don't understand that their safety from violence comes from male self control, and not from their own personal power.

    Women are becoming not only more verbally aggressive, but even physically assaultive, and they have no idea that the male fuse for disrespect is becoming collectively shorter.

    No idea at all.

    So that is the challenge. To communicate to women that, because of their natural physical vulnerability, they need to ramp it down, because men in general are losing patience with them, and there are a lot of men out there thinking: "You want equality, I will treat you as an equal all right."

    Times are changing. People of all ages are becoming more easily offended, more quick to anger, and the rules that have applied up to now, might just not apply as often as you think.

    How do you convince someone that the rules are changing, and that they need to start being more careful, just at a time in history when they are feeling more powerful than ever, and the news and movies and social media is doing everything it can to encourage this hubris?