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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Should I stop or should I go

You have a set of firm boundaries established (see previous post on the subject). Someone just crossed them. Now what do you do?  It depends on the severity of the infraction. The punishment has to fit the crime. If someone made an inappropriate comment, you most likely should not hit him on the head repeatedly with a baseball bat. But if someone is trying to kill you, the later might be a proper alternative.  
But once again, I seem to repeat myself a lot on this subject, you need to decide NOW what the range of reactions vs. infractions should be.  If you don’t decide now and wait till you are put on the spot to make a choice you might just freeze or make a totally inappropriate decisions. Depending on the severity of the circumstance, it just may cost you your life. 

When you come to a stop sign, you don’t need to take time to decide what to do. You know you are supposed to stop.  When it starts to rain, you turn on your windshield wipers. Why? Because you already have pre-decided that this is the proper course of action. You don’t have to think “hmmm, let’s see its raining, maybe I should turn on the radio first, to see if it’s going to stop soon.” Or “Let’s see, the light just turned red, I know there is a semi coming across right now but I am not sure if I should stop, I stopped last time. What will people think if I stop again.”. No, you don’t have to decide again because you have already decided what you are going to do.  Same should go for your personal safety.  You should know what course of actions you will take. Of course every situation is different and will require some modifications. But you should have a general plan of action to get you started without having to stop and think, otherwise you are wasting time and sending the wrong message.

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