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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Self Defense Class

WSD class

We had an awesome class last weekend. The ladies were complete novice. We had a couple on their way to college and a bit nervous to deal with the big city.

We learned the concept of violence: how, who, when, why and where. We taught them how to differentiate between the types of violence and how to deal with each of them. We learned specific motions, strikes and techniques. We wrapped everything up into some scenarios at the end. They could then practice their new found skills, at first recognizing the sort of violence they are encountering, and learning how to deal with it. At the end they had the pleasure of wrestling around with Kasey.

As silly as the scenarios may seem, it is actually difficult the first time you do this. Those ladies were extremely nervous. The pressure was hard to deal with and greatly simulated real life pressure.

Wrestling with Kasey? As intimidating as it can be, there is no way to replace the knowledge, confidence and pleasure you gain at honestly putting a large man down on his arse.

They truly participated in a very well rounded class that gave them some serious skills to rely upon.

I could not have done so well without my role players. Alvin and Kasey were completely awesome. Alvin came in dressed and acting like a tug. It was very intimidating. Kasey just plain look like a mean gorilla you don’t want to mess with. They both understand what real violence is and they knew how to act, what button to push and when to leave things alone. Their input during the de-briefing was invaluable.

I realize that not everyone is blessed to be able to utilize professional role players but if you teach a self defense class, you need to include this in your curriculum.

Ladies when you choose a self defense class for yourself or your daughters make sure that the education is well rounded. Make sure that the instructor can not only show you how to deal what bad guy, but also how bad guys attack and how violence happens. Make sure that what you learn, you can apply it against a large gorilla with bad intentions.

Be smart, stay safe!!!!

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