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Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am back to my old love of running trails. But since I like interval training so much more, I have incorporated it to trail running. After a good warm up, my routine consists of basically running the trail and using every opportunity I can see to stop and cross train:

· Use a log to do dips

· A lower branch to do pull ups/ chin ups

· A grassy spot to do push ups

· A smooth tree trunk to practice strikes

· A fallen tree to run on top of, practicing my balance

· A perfect thick branch to practice snap kicks (using power to snap the branch)

· Rocks and logs to practice jumps with 2 feet

· Convoluted stretches for hopping side to side (plyometrics)

· Half fallen trees to practice climbing up and jumping off

· Long straight stretches were meant for sprinting

Basically I had to use the terrain in the way it was laid out. I had to pay attention to not only obstacles but to opportunities as well. I let the trail dictate my training. It did not matter if I was too tired to sprint, when I came across a long stretch, I had to sprint.

This encompassed a full training from aerobic to plyometric to strength.

This keeps me fit as fighter and as good self defense training. I am able to perform under stress, going from high heart rate activity to more specific skills. It keeps me on my toes and constantly paying attention to my surrounding. It even worked on my balance.

Great training for the body….. I was pooped when I got done.

Great training for the mind…. Taught me to be attentive and aware of my surroundings

Great training for the spirit…… Makes one tougher.

Great training for the soul……. Because good training always is.

Be smart, stay fit and stay safe

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