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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Holidays means extra shopping time, carrying extra bags, more cash in your pocket and enough on your mind to keep you distracted. All of those are a dream come true for pick-pocketers. This is their busy season. Come on, a guy has to make a living after all. Who needs those legit employments when you can make a killing this way and not having to pay any taxes on it.
Here are a few tips to help you retain all of your belonging during this Christmas Season.

• Keep an eye on your child. It's okay to let children look around and have fun while they shop, but they also need to understand that it's important to stay near their parents
• Teach your son or daughter what to do in the event you get separated. The best option is to instruct your child to look for a security guard or police officer, or go to the customer service desk where people are trained to help.
• Try to shop when the mall is less crowded -- during the weekday, or at night when malls stay open late for holiday shoppers. Avoid the weekend rush, when it's easy to lose children among crowds.
• Make a list of your major credit cards, their account numbers and the phone numbers to call if cards are lost. Keep this list at home
• Don't dangle your handbag from your shoulder. You are creating a perfect setup for a purse-snatcher. Instead, keep your purse tucked tightly under your arm, slung around your shoulders or better yet, don't even carry a purse. Carry just the necessary cash/card in a small bag around your neck. If you do carry a purse make sure it is zipped, closed snapped shut so no one can just slip their hands inside. You can also choose to wear a fanny pack facing the front instead. Besides allowing your hands to be free to hold onto or carry your child, you’ll eliminate the possibility of leaving your purse behind or having it stolen.
• Never carry valuables in your back pockets
• Don't "flash" large rolls of money in public. You never know who's watching!
• Check to see you’ve been given back your card once you’ve paid for what you bought. Also verify you have the correct change and take time to secure it before you move away from the counter. Don’t try to be nice to the people behind you by doing so in mid air away from the counter.
• Carry a reusable large bag where you can store all your smaller bags into. This will prevent you from forgetting a bag somewhere or from someone slipping one away from you. You probably would not notice the fact that it is missing until you reach your home.
• Make several trips to your car to deposit packages in the trunk. Don't allow yourself to become so burdened down with packages that you become a tempting target.
• Avoid carrying large, heavy packages that block your vision and make you a target for purse-snatchers.
• Don't "flash" large rolls of money in public. You never know who's watching!
• Don’t talk on your cell phone. It is a huge distraction and that is what thieves are looking for in a target
• Look and act as calm as you . People that are look frazzled make and easy target
• A common practice is to work as a team. One bump into you and while you are busy apologizing the other will relieve you of some of your belonging.
• Park in a well lit area. Pay attention to the cars that are parked next to yours and to the people wandering about in the parking lot. If something does not look right, go back inside.

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