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Monday, December 20, 2010


Doing What Does NOT Come Easy

Wouldn't it be nice if becoming a success was easy? Unfortunately, it's not. It takes consistent daily action, calculated risks and well...work. Work that involves doing things that don't come easy.

Working like that just doesn't sit well with most people, and that's why most people never reach their ultimate potential and spend their whole life wishing and hoping for things to be different. Wishing and wanting and hoping are not strategies...or actions.

You already know what it would take for you to become an uncanny success. The question is, are you willing to DO what it takes?

Most people aren't.

They don't want to give up doing what comes easy or what they're used to or what comes along to fill up their time. Doing the things they would need to do to change their situation just isn't convenient - they have to give up things they're used to.

Successful people behave differently. They don't base their pursuit of excellence on the actions that are easy for them. They base their actions on what will make them a success.

Stop trying to get ahead by doing the things that feel safe, comfortable and easy - that will just get you more of the same. Determine what actions will make you proud of your accomplishments and then do them, however inconvenient and difficult they may be. Only then will you lead the life you desire.

Choose excellence!

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