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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gift of Fear, part 2

"A woman is waiting for an elevator, and when the door opens she sees a man inside who causes her apprehension. Since she is not usually afraid, it may be the late hour, his size, the way he looks at her, the rate of attacks in the neighborhood, an article she read one year ago, it doesn't matter why. The point is, she gets a feeling of fear. How does she respond to nature's strongest survival signal? She supresses it, telling herself: "I'm not going to live like that, I'm not going to insult this guy by letting the door close in his face." When the fear doesn't go away, she tells herself not to be so silly. and she gets in the elevator.
Now, which is sillier: waiting a moment for the next elevator, or getting into a soundproofed steel chamber with a stranger she is afraid of? "

-Gavin De Becker

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