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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Gift of Fear, part 1

"Can you imagine an animal reacting to the gift of fear the way some people do? With annoyance and disdain instead of attention?? No animal in the wild, suddenly overcome with fear , would spend any of it's mental energy thinking, "It's probably nothing." Yet we chide ourselves for even momentarily giving validity to the feeling that someone is behind us on a seemingly empty street, or that someone's unsual behavior might be sinister. Instead of being grateful to have a powerful internal resource, grateful for the self care, instead of entertaining the possibility that our minds might actually be working for us and not just playing tricks on us, we rush to ridicule the impulse. We, in contrast to every other creature in nature, choose not to explore- and even to ignore- survival signals The mental energy we use searching for the innocent explanation to everything could more constructively be applied to evaluating the environment for important information."

-Gavin De Becker

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