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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Keep your kids safe

Never forget to talk to your kids about safety. Do not get them paranoid but make understand what "normal behavior" looks like. Getting in a car with a total stranger is not "normal" or a good thing. A stranger offering you a free puppy or candy is NOT normal. If you need to send someone to pick up your kids make sure they know them or call the school to let them know what is going on. This is YOUR responsibility
Teach them to not be afraid to run away or scream for help if something is not "right". If someone grabs them, they need to give themselves permission to kick, punch, bite, scream and do what needs to be done to get away.
As much as we want our kids to learn to obey and behave, do not do so at the risk of crippling their instinct. They do NOT have to obey ALL grown ups. If something is not right, teach them to trust their instinct and run!!!!
Teach them to be assertive. Now that's real bully prevention
Remember there is a difference between being mean, aggressive and assertive. Draw the line!!!
Be smart,stay safe

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