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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Woman fights off attacker

This is a great example on many levels.
First we see the woman “froze” and obeyed her command like the good girl she was raised to be. But thanks goodness her freeze broke when her attacker moved. She realized that she had to do something, anything, or she would die. Elbow in the face is totally legit. When this created a few milli-seconds of “freedom” she used them wisely by running away... TOWARD SAFETY. She did not worry about picking up her possession. They are not worth dying for. She ran to a neighbor and called the police. Her entire reaction most likely saved her life.
Having had a quick response when she first was grabbed from behind would have been ideal. This is when good conditioning comes in handy. But a freeze is a normal reaction. You just need to make sure you break away from the said freeze as quickly as possible. Again, good conditioning will help you recognize the freeze and break away from it. Then do NOT stay and duke it out with your attacker if there is any way possible for you to run toward safety. This is not the time and place to teach him a lesson. Any time you get attacked, your life may be on the line. When weapons are introduced, the stakes have just risen to lethal force.

Be smart, stay safe!!!

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