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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Woman kills hit man hired by husband

When things are NOT going your way and the force disparity is against you, you need to up your level of force. Her life was on the line, she needed to use deadly force against her attacker. You don't need to be strong to crush a man's throat. It requires roughly the same amount of strength than to crush a soda can. But you do need to be able to make that decision and carry it through. Your life is worth it. Make sure you are justify to do so and that you can explain why you did it. He came into her home, he was bigger and stronger than her, and he had every intent to kill her. He had intent, means, opportunity and there was no preclusion. Case closed.

Woman who killed hit man hired by husband has message - CBS 5 - KPHO


  1. http://www.katu.com/news/local/Woman-tells-how-she-survived-a-hit-man-141716843.html



    Susan says. "I pushed him flat to the floor, and I got up on his backside and I leaned forward and I put my left arm under his neck, and I squeezed; and I said, 'Tell me who sent you here, and I will call you an ambulance.' I wanted him to be afraid as as terrified as I was."
    When Haffey tried to flip her, instinct kicked in for Susan, an ER nurse: She leaned harder until he stopped moving.


    Id like to know how she pushed him face down. Under the circumstances, i mean. Thats the part that facilitated her use of force.

  2. It is not clear how she did so. There are many ways of getting to that point. I am guessing it was just a result of a chaotic situation. Either that or she is a highly trained operative in disguise :)

    1. You raise an excellent point. ...who would ever know? :)

      Re-reading my own post, i forgot to mention: This is a glowing example of how looks dont really mean much. You wouldnt peg her as a fighter, and he didnt really 'look like' an addict or a would-be killer. And yet there they were, and she was on top when the smoke cleared. People need to internalize that - that you do stand a chance and it is worth a shot.

      Keep up the good work and stuff :)