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Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Vacation Safely


How to Vacation Safely

Before You Leave
• Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked.
• Stop your mail and newspaper (or ask a trusted neighbor to pick them up daily).
• Arrange to have the driveway & sidewalk shoveled.
• Put timers on your lights, television or radio to turn them on and off at appropriate times
each day.
• Notify a relative or trusted neighbor that you are leaving. Ask them to keep an eye on
your home.

Pack Against Crime
• Use traveler’s checks or credit cards instead of cash whenever possible.
• Carry your wallet in an inside front pocket or a concealed money pouch.
• Don’t weigh yourself down with excess baggage, pack only what you need.
• Use your business address on luggage tags.
• Put an additional identification label inside your luggage in case the exterior tag is lost.

At The Airport
• Watch your possessions carefully in crowded areas as they are prime hunting grounds
for pickpockets.
• Never ask a stranger to watch your luggage.
• Be alert and organized.
• Avoid displaying expensive items such as cameras, jewelry, or designer luggage that
may draw attention to you. Your aim is to blend in with the crowd.

At The Hotel
• Enter your hotel from the main entrance.
• Never open your hotel room to a stranger. If a visitor claims to be a hotel employee, call
the front desk and ask for verification.
• Keep your room key concealed. Avoid displaying it in public places.
• Use the hotel safe deposit box to store valuables.
• Make sure the hotel has a policy of never giving out anyone’s room number.

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