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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Surviving an ambush: Edged weapons defense

Students will display the ability to recover form ambush attacks and regain the initiative.

Students will understand when the use of lethal force is justified and have the skill sets necessary to end violent confrontations efficiently with or without weapons.

Students will be able to:
• Demonstrate basic understanding of how human anatomy can be exploited to end violent confrontations.
• Demonstrate skill protecting themselves against lethal threats
• Understands what victim profiles they may fit
• Recognize where / when they are most at risk
• Recognize the conditions necessary to launch an ambush
• Protect themselves from violent attack by mitigating those conditions
• Understand the physical and psychological factors involved in high stress human performance
• Develop conditioned responses to sudden violence
• Follow up with tactics and techniques to quickly end the confrontation
• Prevail in violent close quarters confrontations
• Students will demonstrate knowledge of use of force law
• Students will be able to scale force as appropriate and articulate the justification for the level of force they used to resolve a conflict

Training Topics include:

• How to increase the probability of survival when assaulted by someone with a knife.
• How knives are actually used in the streets
• How commonly taught reactions actually make his attack MORE effective
(How your training can get you killed)
• Priorities in a lethal force situation
• Why going for your gun may cause you to receive too much damage to actually use your gun

Training Time Line 1pm – 3:30pm 150 Minutes Total

Don’t get stabbed drill (Tanto Dori Randori) 10 Min
Discussion: Introduction to edged weapons training 10 Min
Counter Ambush Fundamentals 15 Min
Counter Ambush Drills 10 Min
Counter Ambush Transitions 15 Min
Discussion: Priorities in a lethal force situation 10 Min
Neck Control 10 Min
Vascular Restraints 10 Min
Directed Impact Take Downs 10 Min
Counter Ambush Follow Up 15 Min
Discussion: How knives are actually used 10 Min
How knives are actually used – application 25 Min


Lose comfortable clothing
- No gis / something that closely simulates what you normally wear and you can train in
Training Weapons
- If you routinely carry weapons on you, bring their training equivalents

Seminar fee = $25

This training is provided free to Military members and Law Enforcement.

This is also free to Taiho Jutsu Minnesota Dojos / members

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