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Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog review

First I would like to thank all of those who have taken time to read my blog and sharing it on their own forum. And another thanks for further taking time to comment. I appreciate everything I have read, the open mindedness and criticisms alike. I always welcome good honest critique, it’s a great way to grow.
I think the major criticism I received was that there were no scientific backup to my statements included in the blog. This was done purposely. If I had listed every study done this would have been a book instead of a blog. I wanted to get to the point. But the request is more than fair and valid. So I decided that over the next few weeks I will address those explanations, using one blog per topic.  Grin and bear as I have a very busy life and it might take me some time.

This blog has been many years in the making. And yes, it is bias as is everything we do.
But the points have indeed scientific background research: some personal research and some research done by other medical facilities.

I have 55 years’ experience as a woman and 32 years’ experience as a doctor. I have raised 4 kids, 2 of them daughters. I have treated, counseled and taught women for years. There are a lot of personal observations added to the research. I have taken years of classes with the best there is out there (Kasey Keckeisen, Rory Miller, Marc MacYoung, Steven Jimmerfield to name a few). I have also consulted with experts in this field. I have bounced this blog through their brains before publishing, adding their experiences and personal observations to mine.

Are there errors or mistakes in it? It’s possible. No one is perfect. And I certainly don’t claim having all the answers.  But I feel pretty darn confident about this one. This is not a blog I just woke up one morning and popped it out of my arse. I did as much leg work, research and experimentation as I could. The desire to write this blog came from seeing appalling things taught to women, things that would get them killed if they ever used them. My whole purpose is to enable women to do what they do best and not to try and mimic a man that is twice their size and half their age, or to learn techniques geared specifically toward young healthy athletic women. Other women deserve the right to know how to defend themselves. Let’s face, they are probably the ones who will need it most. They need to be able to rely on factual information regarding violence and have some “go to” moves that will get them out of a jam.

I am not trying to makeup excuses, I am just trying to understand how things works. I am also not trying to make women better than men or men better than women. We ARE different.

So stay tuned for the next chapter.

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