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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fighting back... the right way

Here is a great article about a woman fighting off an attacker. 
Props to Melissa Soalt for finding this little gem. Thanks

So many great learning points in this story.

·         This IS asocial violence, the violence most likely to happen to women.

·         This is an ambush, it came from behind. He waited that she could not see him before he pounced. He is taking advantage of a surprise attack to stack the odds in his favor.
·         He was trying to isolate her, a definite sign of asocial violence.

·         The things that made her fit the victim profile were: she was a woman, she was alone, and she was most likely smaller. She may have been distracted, it’s hard to say. But she made up for those  drawbacks by:
1.      being in good condition (she was a runner),
2.      using  a busy path (lot of witnesses)
3.      Running in the daytime (vs being out at night in the dark).
Her actions were the proper ones:
1.      After being shoved in the bushes she tried to get back up immediately. Recover, recover, recover. Don’t let a surprise attack stun you to the point of immobility. This is what the attacker expects
2.      She refused to get dragged into an isolated area. Nothing good will ever happen in an isolated area. The attacker wants no witnesses and privacy to do his dirty deeds.
3.      She refused to let herself become a victim “no, no, not me”. She had the right mental attitude. “You done picked on the wrong woman, asshole.”
4.      She made as much noise as she could. Again he wants no witnesses and privacy. Attracting a crowd does not serve his purpose.
      She became too much trouble. She became more expensive to the attacker than she was valuable. He is off seeking a more suitable prey.

·         When he ran off, she did not try to run after him to teach him a lesson. She ran to safety.
·         She flagged someone down but did not get in his car (could have been the same attacker or another criminal). She did not let fear make her run into an even worse situation. Getting into a stranger’s car could mean some serious trouble. She tried to not be alone until she reached her home. Use the crowd advantage to deter any would be assailants.
·         She called the cops as soon as she could. It’s their job. Let them find the threat and serve him a slice of justice.

This woman’s reaction to the situation kept her safe and potentially saved her life. You need to do everything you can to remove yourself from the victim profile list. But there is time when poop just happens.  This was one of those “poop moment” for her.  When you understand how violence can happen, you will have the proper choice of actions and reactions. This is your best chance to go home in one piece.

She did not have to use any difficult techniques, she did not even use striking or kicking. She use common sense and the knowledge of how violence happens. That saved her and prevented her from getting into a physical contest that she may or may not have won. I am not saying that you never need to use physical violence. There are times when that’s all you have. Better use it well.  I am saying that by using knowledge you may avoid the need for physical violence. You also may avoid the risk of getting hit back.

Educate yourself!!!!

Be smart, stay safe.

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