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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Secure yourself

You know that feeling you get from sleeping in a brand new house? You hear all the little noises, see all the weird shadows. And until you get totally used to all those noises and shadows, you really are never totally at rest. You will wake up startled and ready to pounce.. .. .. Well I know I do anyway. When you get used to it all, it gives you that feeling of security.
But what did it take for you to get that feeling of security? Did you just get used to the same noises and shadows day after day? Did you have to meet face to face all those new sounds, those new shapes? Did you have to search every nook and crevices? Did you just have to lock the doors and windows? Did you have to get a security system, or a dog?

And what would it take for you to break that newly acquired sense of security? Hearing a window break? Unusual noises? The dog starting to randomly growl? News about multiple break-ins in your neighborhood? Coming home to a busted door/window? Screaming, yelling? Too quiet?

Whatever it is that gives the feeling of security or takes it away, do not leave it to chance. You need to know. You need to understand what makes this tick. What works and why does it work. You need to consciously make your home secure and keep it so.

The same goes for your well-being in general. You need to know what keeps you reasonably safe. Where is that line in the sand that brings me to a danger zone? What can I do to prevent damage to my physical and emotional wellbeing?  And if for some reason I do cross that line, am I ready to deal with the consequences. What does it take for me to cross that line: Ego? Carelessness? Bravado? Perceived feeling of superiority?  Perceived hurt feelings?

It is YOUR responsibility to make yourself and your surrounding as safe as you can possibly make them. Be conscious of where you are, who you are with, what the possibilities are.

Be smart, stay safe

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