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Saturday, December 10, 2011


I was wrestling around with my favorite little man, my grandson Julian. He is 7 months old. I was not taking it all that easy on him. First I put him into a wrist lock (nikkajo). Immediately the look of surprise and pain on his face followed by pulling his hand into him, dragging mine along and then proceeding to bite the crap out of my finger. Then he is on his back and I am gently slapping him around “So what are you going to do tough guy”…. He didn’t wait around too long… he just delivered a powerful kick right to my nose. Good thing I blocked or it might have been broken. So that’s the way you wanna play? Here a side mount for you little man, just you try and get out of that. I outweigh you by 100lbs, there is no way you are going to move me. The little twerp proved me wrong in less than 30 seconds. He first pulled my necklace so tight, he choked me. Then he pulled my hair till I rolled off.

First of all I have to admit that I was impressed. No one is going to bully my little man around when he grows up, I don’t care how much bigger they are, he can take care of himself.

Second, lesson learned for me. Babies are not trapped with blinders and mind set and impossibility thinking. They grab whatever tool is at their disposal, they hold on for dear life until something better appears. Babies are great at looking for opportunities. It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s available, it’s close at hands… it’s theirs. And dear God, their grip and strength is incredible. Why…. They grab like they mean to. They hold on and do not let go until it’s time to. They use their whole body, their core…. They pull their little elbows in and use everything at their disposal (hmmmm, I think I heard that somewhere before). You pull on their grips, their whole body follows.

So I will vow to be more like my grandson when I grow up.

Be smart, be childlike, stay safe

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