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Thursday, October 27, 2011


The power steering pump went out on my car. While it’s technically drivable, it is a bit, more difficult as there is no power steering available. This may really date me but when I learned to drive, power steering was still a luxury option on cars. So I thought I could handle it. Driving was not that bad, a little more muscle required, a heavier hand on the wheel… easy peasy. The problems started when I parked in a grocery store parking space. I had to back out eventually. Going from zero to moving and having to turn at the same time was a challenge. Keeping the car moving while turning is easy, turning a car from a parked position required a lot more muscle. Hey…. I am a physics major… how does that go again…. “An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest, tends to stay at rest.” There could not have been a better way to demonstrate than to remove all the cheater tools that makes a car easier to manipulate. While driving down the road at 40 all it took was a wrist turn to go around a curve. From a complete stop, I needed some serious muscle.

Where am I going with this…. You probably saw this coming…. When you are being attacked, trying to move a large man that is just standing there will be near impossible for most women. But to keep him moving is so much easier. We need to take advantage of the motion he gives us, even if it is scary to see a punch or any attack coming at us. Get out of the way and let him keep moving, re direct him, use his own strength against him. Use all the “cheater tools” that will him easier to manipulate. You will look and feel like Batman. Just don’t let it go to your head and try to butt head with him…. Trust me, that WILL get you hurt.

Be smart, stay safe.

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