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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am an avid reader of the Game of Thrones, fantastic book series. In the story, the Greyjoys have a saying about “Buying with gold or buying with iron.” The tradition is that men get their jewelry, decorations or treasures from the people they slay at war, they bought it with iron…. their swords. Girls, ladies, women and dandies buy their jewelry, decorations and treasures at the market using gold coins. I find this awesome. Not that you had to kill someone to get what you needed/ wanted, but you had to pay a price of the flesh, of the mind. You had to earn it, work for it.

Same goes for good training. You can’t buy it; you have to pay for it with sweat, blood and tears. And same as those warriors who fought the most and had the most “treasures”, the more hard work you put in your training, the more benefits you will reap. But instead your treasures will be good health, great fitness level, confidence in time of conflict, victory in battle……. whatever your battle is. And don’t fool yourself; we are ALL fighting a battle of some sort.

Be smart, stay safe

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