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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Carry that weight

Another cross country interval training day.

This time I made some changes by adding a weighed vest, some weighed shoes and pair of striking gloves.

The gloves were a great addition. It made it so much easier to be able to strike trees while wearing them. Last time, I ended with bloody knuckles. I guess tree bark is not the smoothest surface in the world. While wearing those gloves I could strike the trees with as much force as I could muster. And there is no better way to know if you’re striking mechanics are correct then by striking a massive solid tree at full force. If you are not in proper alignment, you will get hurt. And my knuckles were thanking me in the process.

The weighed gear made for a challenging run. The hopping, jumping, sprinting, pull ups, pushups were much more intense. Getting back up was much more difficult. But I gradually got used to it. Pretty soon I did not feel the extra weight.

Like swinging with 2 bats and going back to one, once I removed all the gear I felt almost superhuman. I could jump higher, run faster and getting up off the ground was a piece of cake. I felt like I could fly.

We have discussed training under emotional stress as an important part of training. Experiencing physical stress should not be ignored. It is not something you do every time or something for beginners but it definitely should become one aspect of your training.

This was an awesome skill sharpening day and I highly recommend trying it.

Don’t have weighted vest or shoes? No problem… fill a backpack with rocks… the results will be the same for a much cheaper price and you can adjust the weight to what you want.

Be smart, stay safe

For extra tips about weighed training health benefits read the following

Carrying extra weight.

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