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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I know 2 ladies who are business partners. Both are very nice people. One of them I would rather spend time in a stinky bathroom than have a conversation with (we will call her X) and the other I totally enjoy spending time with (we will cal her Y). The other day I was thinking to myself, “Self… why are you acting this way? X has always been nice, friendly and courteous. Why do you dislike her this much? Are you a friendship snob?” …. And the short answer was yes. But not being a snob to friendship as much as to personality traits. Mainly I have gotten to the age where I don’t have time to waste on useless things. And mediocrity is at the top of my list. But this brought a question to my mind and forced me to do a bit of introspection. Not everyone has high skills levels, a lot of people just do the best they can and still will never get to the top of their profession, activity, hobby. Why should I be such an elitist? I am not the best at everything I do either.

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of mediocrity.

“mediocrity - ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding

Now here is my definition of mediocrity= unwilling to move forward; to better yourself; never wanting to proceed onto the less traveled, more difficult path; looking at oneself with blinders on, refusing to see the flaws, the imperfections and thus never trying to improve oneself; refusing to accept responsibility for one’s actions.

Basically, to me it’s people that work harder at finding excuses than they do at improving themselves.

None of us are perfect. We all have some areas of our life that could use some improvement, some changes. We can spend our time making excuses why we don’t need to work on it, we can put the people around us down so we feel better about ourselves, or we can pull up our sleeves and get to business.

Extraordinary people don’t have a problem getting their hands dirty, they don’t have such an overinflated opinion of themselves that they can’t be honest about their own lives. They have goals and are not afraid to do everything in their power to achieve them, even if sometimes they fall short, they get back up and go forth again. They may fall 7 times but they will always get back up 8.

Those are the people I want in my life.

So yeah, I am a huge friendship snob…. And I am proud of it.

And to all the extraordinary people in my life… KUDOS.. I am so proud of you!!!

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