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Sunday, March 27, 2011


While good body mechanic, good structure may look like magic it is not. It is pure efficiency at its best. We use the PLOW (Power Load Offbalance Wedge) and the unbendable arm. Both look and feel like you are doing next to nothing but both are very sound and efficient structures. Let’s look at them from a biomechanical point of view .

When your arm is in this position (see image above) with a tight fist, the biceps and the brachioradialis are mostly involved, leaving the triceps relaxed. The tighter your fist, the tighter your bicep.

Now when the muscles are used this way, it makes flexion of your arm easier, that’s the purpose. Guess what else this creates, it turns your strong arm into a hinged door since the only way your arm can go is into a flexion.

Now all you need is someone strong enough, or to not back up your arm by good structure, and everything will collapse…. like a saloon door kicked open. You are fighting strength for strength with your opponent. Your biceps against his. Not smart

When your arm is laid as such (see image below) and your hand is facing up, open and relaxed you are using equally all the muscles in your arm, creating an overall balance. Now instead of a hinged door you have a wall. When you back up this wall by good body structure aka keeping your arm in front of you, using your entire body as back up, and you have an even sturdier wall able to keep up with your opponent’s strength. Now it’s his biceps against your entire body.

You need to back up that strong unbendable arm with your entire body by standing behind it (see the second figure) . Wherever your belly button faces is where your energy, your power will be directed.

Look at the following image ( I am not trying to throw anyone under the bus here, just trying to learn what works best). Her arm is blocking one way , her body is facing another. The only strength she has is her arm strength. And we can see how it is collapsing. Plus she is staying right in front of him, leaving herself open for a left arm strike or a kick. She is wasting a lot of energy.

If you are using your body this way instead (see following image) by backing up your arm, you just added 100 and some pounds behind that arm. Notice how the belly button is lined up with the arm. Much stronger. This is very difficult for an attacker to recover from and do a proper strike or take down.

Let’s face it, you most likely will not get attacked by someone weaker than yourself and none of us are getting younger, faster or stronger. We need to use smarts and good body mechanics. Use all your tools in the most efficient manner possible.

The test of a good block is in the results. If it worked, you done good. Blocking with your face is always a bad idea. Trust me

Be smart, stay safe.

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