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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time for a reality check

Want to be safer?

Examine your personal circumstances:

· age

· gender

· size

· your emotional stability

· lifestyle

· your values

· employment

· your home

· your habits

· friends

· relatives

· pets

· possessions

· your sense of awareness or your lack of it

Be honest with yourself.

What are the possible threats that you honestly face:

· burglary/ robbery/ mugging

· car jacking

· rape

· kidnapping

· bar brawl

· being bullied

· physical or emotional abuse

· molestation

· date rape

Only after a good introspection can you make a good plan for preparation. You can implement strategies that will reduce the chances of anything bad happening

Prepare for what is most likely to happen to you but don’t forget the unlikely events that might be brought upon by Murphy

Also this “introspection” will give you clues on where you are, what improvements or changes you need to make in your life

“The only absolute control and power you have is over yourself and what you do. The best way to exercise that power is to not put yourself in high risks situations.”

-Marc MacYoung

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