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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Responsibility or response ability

Now here’s a word that is either misused or unused nowadays. The “blame game” is unfortunately what is promoted in our society. Everyone seems to be very good at pointing fingers, at handing over the responsibility.

“If he had not done …(fill in the blanks)... I would have not reacted like……(fill in the blanks).....”….. “Did you hear what he called me? I had no choice, it was all his fault”…. “It’s not my fault if I am out of shape, they gave me such long hours at work, I have no time to workout”….. “I was attacked for no reason whatsoever, I have every right to get dressed like this and walk on Hennepin Ave at 2:00 am”….. “It’s not my fault if I eat all that junk food. All those commercials make me hungry for it I can’t resist.”

I am sure I have lost a few people already. Being accountable for one’s action is not always fun, it’s not always glamorous and it’s not always a feel good moment. But if you are looking for true empowerment, you can’t find anything better than accepting the responsibility for your decisions. This is really the only way to be in total control of your life. If someone else is responsible for everything happening to you, then that someone else is also controlling you. Take charge!!!

Let’s pull out our dictionary for a minute and check out a few definitions:
Responsibility or response ability
• Responsibility: to be able to make a moral or rational decision on one’s own and therefore answerable for one’s behavior.
• Response: reaction to a specific stimuli
• Reaction: the way in which things performs or functions
• Perform: to begin or carry through completion in accordance with the requirements
• Requirement: Something that is obligatory; a necessity
• Ability: natural or acquired skill or talent

So the definition of response ability would be: a natural or acquired skill or talent to react to specific stimuli and to be able to carry through completion in accordance with what is needed.
This means you are able to properly analyze the situation and to respond to the best of your abilities until the said situation is handled.
Does this mean that you will in anyway blame everyone else for the situation you find yourself into? Or does this mean that you will use whatever situation you find yourself into as an excuse for a poor choice in behavior?
Let’s get in charge of our lives. Quit passing the reigns over to others.

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