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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prevention or damage control?

Early morning in Minnesota. Nothing like it to dish out a dose of reality sometimes. I woke up way too early for a Sunday morning. The dog had to go, you can’t argue with that. I am going out to grab the leash and unbeknownst to me it had apparently rained all night (yeah maybe I should watch the news, at least the weather once in a while). My covered porch was apparently covered in a very thin layer of ice. Yup you guessed, I took one step and went flying. I am very grateful for my falling down skills, it kept me from a serious injury. But I should have been more grateful my “paying attention to my surrounding” skills. The number one key to good self protection is to always make sure your surroundings are secure. Now a driveway, a road I would have checked before driving or walking onto it. But my covered porch?? Really?? So it rained sideways. Assuming is the mother of many a mistake. Assuming the environment is safe, assuming no one finds violence as disgusting as you do, assuming you are going to be able to react fast enough to defend yourself.

How many of you could close your eyes right now and describe what’s within 20 feet of you?

Like grandpa used to say “An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure”. Had I paid attention and notice a light glare on the roads, I would have stepped much more carefully and would not have had to rely on falling down skills and my husband’s healing chiropractic skills. You should always know what’s around you, what you are about to walk into or through, the environment, the people. Take notice. It may save you a lot of pain or headaches in the future. It is much easier to take a few extra minutes to prevent bad things from happening then to not pay attention and have to do damage control afterward.

Now I have a date with an ice pack. Enjoy your Sunday. Peace out

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