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Monday, September 27, 2010

Trail running journal, data entry #4

Another fun training day: a short run, 2 hours of edged weapon training then blending all this into an awesome drill. There were 3 of us, Kasey, Jeff and myself. For the ending drill, we chose one person (the good guy) to stay behind and the other 2 would go ahead on the trail and ambush the good guy and then take turns.
First of all, hiding to ambush a guy with the purpose of killing him is kinda creepy. It makes you realize how deranged the perps have to be. They live in a different world we do.
Second, it really brings you up to very high level of awareness (we already discussed this after a different drill we had). To know you are going to get attacked at some point is creepy at another level. It made me realize how difficult it is to truly hide… unless you are a sniper. For a guy to hide with the sole purpose to attack you, it is actually difficult. We could pretty much spot everyone hiding way before we came up upon them. This made us realize that with good awareness, we can prevent a lot of attacks. Most perps are not professional snipers. Their clothes, body, arms, something will stick out or stand out. I am not that big and yet my butt still stuck out from behind the tree. And for them to really hide well, they would have to get in deeper in the woods, which makes their approach to the trail very clumsy, noisy and slow. Add painful if they trip and impaled themselves on a pointy branch (right Jeff??). The only thing that would work well for them is having a very large tree or bush right on the side of the trail. Guess what… this should be a wakeup call that you need to be extra careful around really large trees and bushes that can possible hide very large bad men. And same in the city, you see something that can be a good hiding location for a potential perp, be careful. Stick with more open areas. Like Rory so eloquently said “if you jump in the water, you are going to get wet”. If you hang around potentially dangerous locations, you might get hurt.
Another lesson learned: even though I could see people hiding, I still waited for them to attack instead of being pro-active. It was the script in my head that someone was to attack and I was to defend. In real life self defense, you make your own script. Sticking to a pre-programmed response might get you hurt. Speed and surprise can make up for size and strength. I should have either chose to run away toward safety or cut them down before they had a chance to attack me. After all they did not know I saw them, I had the advantage. I still survived, I suffered cuts but I prevailed. Next time I will dominate.
Keep on getting better each day and never give up.

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