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Monday, August 16, 2010


Another run. We will always have our runs, might as well have a little fun with it and learn something in the process of getting in better shape. Twice as much for your money.
This time Kasey gave me a 20 seconds head start and I was to hide and ambush him. Then I would give him a head start and he would ambush me. OK not quite as stressful since this time no pain was involved, more of a “gotcha”, I shot (or stabbed) you and killed you. Either that or my stress level around Kasey is normally high and I am just getting used to it. It was a great insight into my skill level for me. I noticed that since the trail is convoluted and treacherous I am always looking down, spotting rocks, roots, branches and mud puddles. Seems like a smart idea to not fall and get hurt. But you know what that should be called? Prevention? Being careful? Nope, it is just a habit, and a dumb one at that. I was so busy looking down at the ground that I was not paying attention to potential bad things that could sneak up on me. Be it an attacker, an animal gone rogue or something falling from the sky…. Anything is possible but it would take me by surprise enough that all I would have left is on the spot reaction and defense. And yet I am pretty sure that my throat is getting sore from preaching “awareness” and “avoidance”. Prevention is ALWAYS better than self defense. Do you want to bet your life that your skills are the greatest? Where was my awareness? I soon learned that while running on a fairly straight of way I could look 20 feet ahead of me and still stay safe from tripping or sliding. I could see the obstacles that I was about to run over or under and avoid them. Still my peripheral vision was good enough to see things in front of me and around me. On the tighter part of the trail I could sweep my gaze in a regular pattern: right left down and up. I would be then be aware of so much more things around me. Not only the rocks and roots that could make me trip, not only the mud puddle that could make me slip but the large men trying to attack or shoot me. Granted I have been on these runs hundreds of time and outside of Kasey I have never been attacked but being aware of potential danger will prevent me from ever being taken by surprise. I was creating a new habit. A much healthier one. One that will serve me not only for self defense purpose but for life skills in general. If I can develop that good habit during a casual run how much more awareness will I gain when I am walking through a place where I truly need all the awareness I can muster. I have raised my natural level of awareness to a higher standard. Now when I need to use it, it will not have to be raised from ground zero. When you are more aware of things about to go bad (be it self defense or work or relationship) it is so much easier to prevent, fix or avoid bad things to happen when you see them coming. Waiting for damage control after you ran head first into trouble is not the smartest or easiest thing to do.
Oh and just for the record.. Kasey slipped and fell and that same stupid rock that got me last week…. heheheh

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