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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Self defense or assault?

The new trend in SD is to teach people balls out SD, kill your opponent. He dared to attack me, he will be crushed. You threw him down, knocked him out, now stomp on his neck or head to make sure he doe not get back up. I got news for you, when a guy is down for the count and you stomp on his head, this is NOT SD, this is considered an aggravated assault or possibly a murder. You have just became the guy you feared. If you are not a law enforcement officer, you HAVE A DUTY TO RETREAT. This is the law. If there is a way to get away, you HAVE to take it. Running away is an awesome SD
Now this being said there are times when you cannot get away, it is physically impossible. This is when you NEED to use good SD skills. But do you need to kill the other person? Maybe, maybe not. If you learn to take control of the situation, this will give you time to realize if your attacker does need to have lethal force applied to him. Remember, the goal of ANY good self defense is to keep you unharmed, NOT to inflict punishment or to get vindicated.
Understanding the kind of violent conflict you are trapped in will determine what your response will be. Taking Rory and Marc’s class (or reading their books, see link at the bottom) will help you being able to differentiate. What they teach is very enlightening and will prove to be life saving.
Don’t be afraid to protect yourself when you need to but remember the best protection is avoidance. It’s much easier to take care of your well being when you don’t get into violent conflict. Stay away from places where violence occurs, use common sense and most of all don’t let your pride get yourself in trouble. Is it really worth getting hurt just because you perceived you were insulted? Notice I said “perceived” because when it comes down to it, it is your choice to get offended or not.




    Kasey Keckeisen August 7 at 9:52am

    In my experience good Instructors will teach sound fundamental principles that can be applied to the ever changing situation at hand. If God forbid one of their students found themselves in a situation where the have to take another human life to save their own or to save another they can apply to those principles to that situation. It infuriates me when "Shady" Instructors try to line their pockets by playing on peoples fears. Instructors that charge 1000's of dollars to teach 2 day work shops focusing on "Leathal Techniques" Advertisement - Want to learn self defense? You don't need to spend years training in fundamental pricples, You don't need to incorporate morals, ethics, and legality into your training. In 16 hours I can teach you all the leathal force techniques you need to protect yourself from any situation. FEAR NO MAN. Guy bumps into you in the bar? Hi-ya crush his throat. Don't worry about being charged for murder I'll be there in court to testify on your behalf, for another payment of a couple thousand bucks, and if I'm not busy making more money somewhere else. Leathal force may be necessary. We live in a violent world. Train for what happens most and you'll be able to handle most of what happens. If your training is sound you can apply it to a situation you have never been in before. Teaching specificly "lethal" techniques playing on the fears of the uneducated to get paid is low. Eventually karma will catch up with these guys

  2. Running away from your attacker doesn't mean you're scared. It is really the best option to take. But if you can't run, try to protect yourself to the best of your knowledge.
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