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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I loved my grandpa and I enjoyed every minute of our time together for the few years I was able to spend with him.
When I was 5 yo I went to visit him with my older brother. He said something very profound I have never forgotten. Looking at my big brother and he told him: “Be where you’re at boy!”. Of course at the time I broke into giggles, “Grandpa, you are so silly. Where else is going to be”. He sat me upon his knee, laughed a good old belly laugh and said “Lise, one day you’ll get it”.

It took many years but I did “get it”. Be where you are at. Be in the moment. The day, the hour, the minute you are living in now, it will never come back again. You need to make it the best day, hour, minute. Whatever it is you are doing, focus on this one thing and do it in the best way you can possibly do it. Sounds like an easy thing to do but the opposite is what happens the most. You are busy with a task and admit it, you are really thinking about something else. “what will I do for supper”, “where am I going to go out Friday night”, “I need to say [fill in the blanks] to my husband/wife/kids”, “I can’t forget to go to the bank”… You get the idea.

Planning ahead is great and necessary. Sit down and make your plans. When you are busy going through the steps of accomplishing the said plan, focus on each step. Do it as perfectly as you are capable of doing it. Get all you can get out of that day, hour, minute. Be where you’re at!!!

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