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Saturday, July 31, 2010


If you get hurt, you get shot or cut, the odds are you will survive if you do not panic. Going into mental shock will kill you faster than the physical shock. If you can think and feel, you can still fight, you can still run away. Battlefield statistics show that if you are not killed instantly, you will not die from your injuries. The medical field can perform miracles nowadays. This is not the 1600s when you could die from a paper cut.
SO NEVER GIVE UP. You should ALWAYS keep on fighting. Ride that adrenaline dump, use it to your advantage
You hear all the time, people that have been critically shot and still manage to take their opponent down. It’s not a miracle; it is simply a mental attitude. I WILL survive. I REFUSE to die. I WILL cheat death
Ever played cowboy and Indian, cops and robber or the likes when you were a kid? Ever had to deal with that one kid that no matter how many times you shot him, he refused to play dead, to play by the rules? This should be your attitude if you get stuck in a violent encounter.
Be like the energizer bunny... just keep on going

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