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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Breaking the rope

An adult elephant is a mastodon big enough to tear most everything down and cause a lot of damage. The way they control a circus elephant is a simple process. They start when the elephant is very young. They secure him to a deeply entrenched stake, using a large and sturdy chain. Try as he may his small frame cannot overcome the chain he is attached to. After months of this treatment, the pattern gets set and the elephant knows with no uncertainty that he cannot break free. Thus comes the time to only tether him to a small rope. Now, he could break this rope without breaking a stride but when he reaches the point where he feels a slight resistance, he gives up without even trying. The habit is created. He is held in place by his own beliefs, by his past experiences and failures at breaking free.

We all have those strings that are holding us back with no reasons whatsoever but past experiences , failures, rejections or traumas. We encounter a slight resistance, a few difficulties and poof, we revert to that small elephant tied to a large chain.
What will it takes for us to break those strings and set ourselves free. It’s time to take a step back and really examine what is holding us back.

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