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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Pound for pound most men are stronger than women, barring any health issues of course. What does this mean? It means you should not play with fire thinking you are invincible. Don’t provoke, tease or encourage a scuffle. If you try to get into a wrestling match with a guy, chances are you will lose. This is NOT going to be a sport match. There is no prize for second place. Now if you get in trouble, get attacked or pass the point of no return (I don’t recommend going to either one of those places, you NEED to do everything in your power to de-escalate or just plain stay out of trouble).
In the words of Peyton Quinn's , here are five Rules about not provoking an attack that will save your life when applied. (thanks for sharing Marc). Memorize them, understand them and USE them!!!!
1) Don't insult him
2) Don't challenge him
3) Don't threaten him
4) Give him a face saving exit
5) Don't deny it is happening

But let’s say the worse happened and Murphy ruled the day. Does this mean you can’t win? Absolutely not!!! If I believed that I would not what I do. You have lots of tools you can use.
• You can run, escape. Stay calm find a way out. A battle not fought is just as good as a battle won. This is not a test of skills or a way to validate your pride. The only thing that matter is that you go home alive and in one piece, physically and mentally.
• You can use surprise. Short intense burst of power can get you a long way.
• You can use good sound biomechanics, good physic is good physic. Can’t argue with it.
• You can use gravity in your favor. Gravity is not just a good idea, it’s a law.
• In the words of a good man “you can use a tool, you are not an ape” (Thanks AGAIN Marc )

Good training is always a plus to help determine what a good course of action is. It will help you recognize a potentially dangerous situation and teach you how to stay out of it, how to de-escalate. It will show good techniques and how to properly deliver good physic into your attacker. I highly recommend seeking good training opportunities and not just assume the one book or blog you have read will turn you into superman.
Good self defense is not about fighting. Fighting is what happens when things go bad. It is about how to use your words, your body language, your attitude, your common sense.

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