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Thursday, February 25, 2010

FEAR is a tool not a master

If you get stuck in a confrontation, first of all it's important to remember to remain calm so you can think properly. Panic or anger always ends up creating a mess. It's a fact that calm and relaxed people are more conscious of their environments more apt to make good decisions and more in control of their fine motor skills.

The difference between fear and panic is knowing what to do. If you have a reliable, effective solution then fear is an asset. You know what to do and fear just makes you do it faster. On the other hand, it you don’t know what to do, or you don’t trust what you know, then you will freeze. You do this because you have no clear goal or way to get there. It is like driving aimlessly without directions or a road map. You might get there but it will take you a long time. And you don’t have a long time to deal with. What is the shortest boxing or fighting sporting match you have ever seen? The shortest I have seen was with Alexander Houston… 8 seconds… a record . Before that I believe the record was 48 seconds. Let’s split this in a happy medium, let’s take 30 seconds, which is still extremely hort for a fight. Now can you imagine going 30 seconds with a 250 lbs drunk biker armed with a knife?
An effective self defense strategy should get you out of danger in 3 moves or less or under 5 seconds. Anything else will get you hurt.

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