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Monday, March 16, 2009

Are self defense classes rubbish or real?

There is a lot of talk about this subject. And yes, there are a lot of self defense classes that are rubbish. They will teach you things that look cute but will get you killed. But there are also good classes out there that will teach realistic and practical self defense. I offer such a class. The things I have learned are the same techniques taught to police officers and we know they need those skills to go home alive to their family every night. So I know my material is not just Hollywood fluff. I have been studying martial arts for 13 years. I have seen a lot of good and a lot of bad. I have the pleasure and honor to train with some rather large gentlemen, the best police officers in the State and a fantastic Sensei, so I know that what I do works. They make sure it does. And NO, you don't have to study martial arts for that long to be able to defend yourself.
Plus in the process I have lost 35 lbs and have become in top physical condition. I am 52 years old and can run circles around kids one third of my age. It's defeinitely worth it!!!

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